Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Creative juices

View out my front door this morning
Despite the foggy, dreary day, I feel energized!  Spring is on its way in and the creative juices are flowing.  There's an idea that's been stewing since I moved to the forest that finally spilled out of me onto paper this week.  I would like to create a series of postcards from pictures I have taken/will take that capture the forests of Israel and expose them as a breeding ground for, not only environmental awareness, but coexistence as well.

Jews and Arabs, Christians and Muslims, Druze and Bedouins--so many different people groups that make up this tiny sliver of the Middle East known as the State of Israel.  In the big cities you'll see some mingling, but out here each group mostly keeps to itself; there are separate towns, schools, malls and bus companies.  Even some of the various Jewish groups band together away from the rest.  For example, there's a town just down the hill that is specifically for non-religious vegetarians.

One of 240 million trees planted by the JNF
Our national forests are some of the few places that we all share.  During the spring and fall, students are brought from diverse schools to clean up the forest together.  They learn from a young age to treasure and protect our green spaces while putting names and faces on a people group that would otherwise just be "them."  On certain holidays, whole towns empty into the forests for picnics and hikes.  For some citizens, a chance meeting in the forest may be the only meaningful, multicultural interaction they'll have all year.

Can it succeed?  Will it make a difference?  Should I go for it?

Spring is on its way...


  1. I think it sounds great! Would you sell them or just make them for fun?

  2. oh yeah! Especially this last photo of the white flowers. That is really beautiful. I would buy it. :D

  3. The almond blossoms are my favorite too! I'm sure I would keep some for myself to frame, but would also sell them in tourist shops or online.

  4. Beautiful photo of almond blossoms! And your other photos are also very artistic. Yes, you are the responsible one, but you're also following in the family footsteps of extreme creativity!
    Nice to see my Dad's name. Sometimes I feel that I'm living his dream here in Israel...