Sunday, March 13, 2011

A loss of humanity

I can't stop crying.  Today there is no desire to eat, sleep, talk or write.  All I can think about is Rabbi and IDF tank unit officer Udi Fogel, 36, his wife Ruth, 35, and their children Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and three month-old Hadas.  A faction of the "moderate" Fatah group had the nerve to claim responsibility for breaking into their home on Friday night and brutally murdering them, only a few weeks after a nearby checkpoint had been evacuated.  The Fogels were among more than 8,000 Jews expelled from Gaza nearly six years ago.

Three of their children survived; the 12 year-old daughter was at a friend's house and the eight and two year-old boys went unnoticed, covered by their blankets.  I simply cannot imagine being in the shoes of young Tamar who was the first to discover what had befallen her family when she came home that night.  Couldn't bring myself to look at the pictures floating around online.  What does a preteen do with those images in her head?  Does she feel that she must be both mother and father to her younger brothers?  Will she be able to have healthy relationships with other people as she matures?

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu noticed, "The international community that so quickly rushes to condemn Israel over a building here or there, for some reason takes its time in condemning this savagery, this brutality..."

What kind of person stabs a preschooler in the heart and slits the throat of a sleeping infant?  I agree with President Shimon Peres' statement that this tragedy  “indicates a loss of humanity. There is no religion in the world or any faith that allows these kinds of horrible acts. There are no words of consolation in the face of this devastation. Our hearts are with the orphans and with the community of Itamar during this extremely difficult time."


  1. I agree mea-achuz - 100%. Human beings do not do things like this. These murderers were animals - actually even animals behave better because at least they're killing so they can eat and survive. My prayer for people like this? Psalm 83 - just like Melech David prayed....

  2. This is so sad. Stone-hearted killers. I can hardly believe it.