Monday, March 14, 2011

Swinging moods

Children are simply amazing.  Mine have the supernatural ability to lift me out of the darkness, into their world of smiley-faced stickers and stuffed animals who emit bodily noises but always say "excuse me" afterwards.

This morning, my five year-old asked me, "Is anybody sick here, Ima?  If you were sick, I would hold your hand and take you home.  Maybe I could even carry you."

I told him for the millionth time that he is the sweetest soul with the biggest heart that I have ever met and he thanked me with a kiss.

Then I completely forgave him for throwing that awful fit under the table 20 minutes earlier.

Their mood swings come and go faster than mine do, but then we're all just human beings trying to navigate a world full of surprises.


  1. haha, the mood swings of Purieli. :P He's in good company with his aunt Deborah...

  2. And his Aunt Eliana. And his Uncle Avi. We've got one colorful, moody blues family!