Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thank you!

It's the three week anniversary of my blog and I want to say thanks and send spiritual hugs to all of you! 

I am absolutely blown away by all of the encouragement and support in this new endeavor from family, friends, and former strangers.  I never imagined that, in this short time, I would have over 1000 hits from 19 countries (USA, Israel, Canada, El Salvador, Mexico, China, Switzerland, Indonesia, Sweden, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Germany, Hungary, South Africa, UK, Russia, Argentina and Iran).  Again, THANK YOU!

This was a trial run, but I definitely want to continue.  I would love to hear which posts are your favorites, what you would like to see more of.  Feel free to let me know in the comments section below (or in my FB comment box).  In order to continue writing consistently, I may need to (for the first time ever!) hire some help once a week to keep up with the house.  This past month--with my husband working overseas especially--I've hardly slept, trying to balance it all.  I also devote time to helping him in his efforts to assist and educate returning benei anusim.  Donations made via Paypal or US/Israeli check (write to me at shaynarehberg [at] gmail [dot] com for mailing addresses) would be sincerely appreciated.  Use the button on the right to give online.  There is no set minimum because every dollar makes a difference.  This will also help provide employment for a mother in my town who has a cleaning business and teenaged girls to clothe and feed (and we all know how expensive that is).  I promise that 100% of any amount received beyond what I need to pay her will go to feed hungry children in Israel...namely mine, who seem to be hungry every 5 minutes.  Last week, after breakfast when we were about to leave for school, Puriel told me, "My tummy asked two times nicely for food, but I told him to wait a minute."  This is progress coming from the hobbit-like child who has to be stopped before biting into a fourth banana at Second Breakfast.

How wonderful that the warmth and green of spring has returned!  Flowers are so easy to photograph.  There's no huddling together and trying to get everyone to "look this way and smile.  No, a real smile," I have to add when taking pictures of my children.  "Please put your hand down...look at me...stop smothering her...put your skirt more, just hold still."  This is my favorite time of year and pretty soon it will be one of my favorite holidays!  Wondering why I say that about Pesach (Passover) when it feels like so much work to prepare?  Keep reading and you'll find out....


  1. Please don't stop posting! Even though I just noticed you following mine a couple days ago I have read a few of your posts and enjoy your blog! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks...I've enjoyed reading your blog too!