Sunday, March 6, 2011

This amphibious life

I've always been deeply in touch with the material world, changing diapers from age 4 and working in an office from age 8.  I was the "responsible child" who made sure my little brothers' shoes were tied, that the table was set and cleared, and the lawn was mowed.  Sometimes I'm a little too serious and am such a perfectionist that it takes me months to finally start a blog because I want the intro to be so flawless that I can't even get the words out.

But both times that I have moved to a small farming town, without any English-speakers outside of my immediate family, I have encountered vast opportunities for exploring more of the spiritual world.  Now by spiritual I don't mean religious, though I am a religious Jew living in Israel and that does influence my spirituality.  In his book Simple Words, Rav Adin Steinsaltz says that the spiritual world is "all the things we relate to through our minds.  This includes our thought and emotions, love, hate, and envy, the ability to read, to enjoy music, or to solve equations, to know that we exist, and to relate to others."

I have rarely kept diaries for fear that they would be read by other people.  Somehow knowing that this actually will be read by you has relieved that fear and motivated me to freely record pieces of my journey through the two very different--yet both very real--worlds in which we live. 

The kinds of things you'll see here may include organic gardening, motherhood, creative recycling, Jewish life and learning, cloth diapers, 9-5 jobs, chocolate, feminine spirituality, healthy cooking, Israeli culture, sewing, returning benei anusim, easy recipes or second-hand shops (gemachim) like the one that I run from my front name a few.

There is a nice, big space for comments and I could always use more adult, human interaction in English.  I look forward to sharing my journey with you.



  1. Yay! Welcome to the blog world! Mine is Love you!! (mouse)

  2. I love you too! You've been an inspiration to start this...I've enjoying reading your blog.

  3. Shayna, GREAT JOB!

  4. Christopher ChambersMarch 10, 2011 at 5:37 AM

    This was a well orchestrated piece, Shayna. You have a rich and diverse perspective that I hope others will also embrace as they move thoughtfully through the land of Israel.