Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What gives you pleasure?

The question was posed to us at my village's Rosh Chodesh (new moon festival) celebration earlier this week.  It can be something spectacular like "my granddaughter just got married" or something simple like "I ate ripe strawberries for lunch."  For me, today, it was the latter.

Strawberries remind me of Switzerland.  When I was an aupair (nanny) there, we ate strawberries nearly every night for dinner--with cream and either omelet-like crepes or hearty bread--for weeks on end in the spring.  Years later I learned that many of Europe's first strawberries of the season are imported from Israel.  I'm just glad we don't ship all of them away.

Everyday has its pains and pleasures.  Sometimes the pleasures are so subtle or prosaic that we gloss right over them in our thoughts at the end of the day, remembering only the most uncomfortable or demanding moments.

What has given you pleasure today?

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