Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunshine in my frying pan

It's raining.  Here in Israel we're ever so happy for it, but it does get a bit gloomy by the third day in a row.  Went out to my favorite spot in the forest today; stood in the rain and hugged a tree, hoping that no one could see me making a fool out of myself.  Its bark was rough and wet, but it felt good.  The dying foliage, still clinging to the branches, hung heavy with precipitation.  Suddenly the sun broke through; drops of rain turned to crystals and new growth glistened beneath the old.  It never looks quite the same, but it does grow back.

I've started swimming again.  It's been 15 years since I raced with the Castle Hills Forest Eels and my strokes don't have the same form or speed that they used to, but no one is judging me now.  Still, the lack of competition can get...well, a little boring.  So when my husband said that he swam ten consecutive laps of breaststroke last week, I had to one-up him and do twelve before switching strokes.  My new neighbor, also a mother of four, passed along a few tips for isolating certain abdominal muscles.  I've got a grand canyon running down my middle, so I tried them out today.

After a long swim, my stomach is growling and so is Yahli Tiferet's.  Once her marathon nursing session comes to an end, I light a fire on the stove.

My mother wasn't famous for her cooking, but I always loved her egg-in-the-island...just had to scrape the black parts off.  It's an easy meal that works for breakfast, lunch or dinner, making it the best friend of every mother and college student alike.

use a glass to make a hole for the egg
save the circles and toast them in the pan afterwards

crack an egg into each slice
stare at the bright yellow until you start smiling
opt: pinch each yolk to break if you don't like them runny

serve with sliced veggies and cottage cheese for a well-rounded meal