Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Perspectives II

This past week has brought on the realization that I'm afraid of messes.  (See original post here.)  I've seen how it's crippling at times and hampers my creativity, as well as my kids' artistic endeavors.

Challenged myself to a week of letting go, encouraging their expression, and getting my hands dirty along the way.  Here's what happened:

We used colored marzipan like modeling clay--then ate the creations!
It's a birthday party with cakes, presents, a girl and her dog.

Weeded my flower pots and planted seeds:
dill, parsley, and sweet pea.

Pipe cleaners were transformed into Puriel's Snoopy and Spiderman.
Teneya's rose-colored glasses (and their opposite) inspired by
studying the life and music of Nathan Alterman,
Pine cones found in the forest + stale bread/Bamba = a bird feeder.

We also spent more time just looking up at the sky,
catching beautiful sights like these.

Happy 2013!  Here's hoping that it will be a bright year;
full of joy, art, love, and creative messes.


  1. Shalom. great blog. I am hoping that you could help me out by answering some questions I have about Kfar Shammai. How many people live there and what percentage are Shomer Shabbos? How many English speakers? Is it possible to walk from the yishuv to Tzfat by going through the woods? Are there schools there? Any other info you could share would be appreciated. thank you,

    Michoel and Shoshana Kelmar of Baltimore

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoy it! Kfar Shamai is a mixed moshav of around 100 families with an overall traditional (masorti) character. We were the only English speakers until last summer when two other families joined us. You can trek through Nachal Amud to Tzfat but it would be a FULL day hike. The bus runs every 30 minutes though and will get you there in 20. How old are your children (elementary/middle/high school)?

    2. Our children are 13, 11, 9, 6.

    3. Your younger kids could go here: http://goo.gl/HnVIb
      ...just don't believe what they say about class size. My son's class has 34 boys. It wasn't the right fit my daughter so she goes to the kibbutz school in Farod. There is also Amichai in Karmiel (transportation provided) or 3 public-religious elementary schools in Tzfat (no transportation). For your older kids, I don't have personal experience but check out some of the options in that link. Hope this helps!

  2. Shayna,
    So happy to hear you have challenged your fears and let go! It's great to get your hands dirty making messes that turn into great art and fun!
    Love the sky photos too:)
    Be well,
    Ruidoso, NM

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