Monday, June 17, 2013

Gamla of the Golan: Camel's hump jutting out of the earth

Mostly pictures, but wanted to share this season's scenery from a recent tiyul (hike) in the Golan.  Enjoy the views from here and see them for yourself someday--worth the trip!

Took a day off from work to join Teneya for her class trip to Gamla.
The white next to the trees isn't a cloud, rather the snow-capped Mount Hermon.

Caught the last of this year's poppies,
unusually late and vibrant among the fading grasses.

Amazing views along the way.
No wonder the eagles love it here.

Israel's tallest waterfall: 51 meters.

Mother-daughter love.

Saw some unusual wildlife.

Teneya enjoyed the ruins;
climbing inside and imagining life during this period.

View of Gamla.  Another Masada-like story.
Tragic, yet inspiring to many.  Would you prefer death to capture?

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