Sunday, November 3, 2013

Silence is golden, but it eats you alive

"No news is good news," they say...but "they" clearly live in some other reality than mine.

Writing is therapeutic for me, freeing my soul, transforming scattered thoughts into black and white letters. I enjoy writing about deep, emotional, spiritual ponderings (and some silliness from my kids too), but what do you do when you can't write about what's really happening in life?

I'm entering the fourth calendar month since separating from my husband of ten years. Maybe it's a generational thing, but it seemed reasonable enough to keep things quiet on my Facebook wall and see what would develop once I had a little room to breathe and consider the future.

Last month I filed for divorce.

"Why isn't Aba (Daddy) coming home?" my three year-old asks me. Where do I start? What can you say to a child who wouldn't understand and shouldn't have to know. My neighbors need no explanation; they've seen and heard enough.

My theme song in life at the moment

So there, it's out now. I'll not be answering questions on here, or social media. I have no interest in public besmirchment of my nearly-former other half. But I'm home all the time now so feel free to stop by for coffee, to chat and catch up on life.

I want to end with a big THANK YOU to the family and a few geographically close friends who have not pushed me one way or another but only supported me in love. There is so much good in the world and so many good people. Thanks for helping me see that.

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