Thursday, October 16, 2014

How to make friends

My eight year-old recently confided in me his newly-gained insights into the world of friendship, after striking up a conversation with a boy in a neighbor's sukkah.

"I used to think it was really hard to make friends with new people, but now I know that it's really easy," Puriel tells me, barely above a whisper.

And now I shall pass on this wisdom, because he's actually really smart and right about the whole thing:

1. "First I ask what his name is." Pretty simple so far...
2. "Next I ask how old he is, what grade he's in." Leave this part out if you're talking to a woman over 20.
3. "Then I ask what things he likes to do, games he likes to play. And then I see if we like any of the same things and then we do them or talk about them together."

It works. Go on, try it out on someone new today and see if you don't make a friend...

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